Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Visitor blog 2 Ndutu

A still picture cannot do justice to the great migration of wildebeest. To find oneself in the midst of thousands of them plus hangers on ( zebra and gazelle) is awe inspiring. They come over the horizon in wave after wave  each group thousand strong, graze slowly, and then each line in turn  starts to gallop ever faster , bucks first , then mothers with new calves, until they reach the next grazing area. I didn't realize how lucky we were to witness this, until, traveling back today across the vast plains, we found just one lost beest looking very lonely.
What is quite sad but fascinating to witness, are the predators with bloodstained mouths devouring their catch, mainly the newborn. Never imagined I would get close enough to photo this too, but am amazed at the results from my tiny camera.

 Three very full and content animals having devoured (in order) wildebeest, gazelle and zebra.
Quite liked my elephant and giraffe photos too, so just to bore you further, here they are.
Very gratified by the excited response to the return of this explorer of the wild. One more day - it's a shame it's such a journey to get here and back again. Not looking forward to that! Will miss the little kitten and cub  and mature? ones too of course.


  1. Hurrah for Giraffes! Small one has been waiting for pictures of them for ages. I will have to show her later on.

    Glad you're having a good trip.

  2. Truly wonderful, although all those animals eating other animals is a frightful business, what what.