Monday, 29 March 2010

No news, no change

Well, we are still here, nothing has changed. Mr B was supposed to meet the lawyers to discuss the next step today but lawyer no. 1 didn't make it back from Dar today after all. No word from him either so we don't know if a meeting tomorrow is likely...or what.

Yesterday was very pleasant. A lie in - with heavy rain in the small hours putting the birds off their dawn chorus and providing a soporifically dull roar of background noise that kept the wee ones asleep for longer than usual. (same again this morning - the rainy season definitely has its advantanages) Then an entertaining palm Sunday service including a German "Hosiana" chorus in 8 parts (nice to sing, not sure we were good enough for it to be particularly inspiring to listen to...) and a bizarre puppet show involving the donkey chosen to carry Jesus into Jerusalem, which, unfortunately, listened to "Mr Mean" the fox and was convinced of his own unworthiness such that he ran away and ended up getting into all sorts of scrapes with other animals everywhere from the Serengeti to Zanzibar, eventually being swallowed by a Killer whale in Lake Victoria and then coughed up on the shore 3 days later... (these kids are going to end up with an interesting grasp of biblical narratives...) before finally returning to complete his mission.

Having made it though the service (complete with Kitty refusing point blank to process with a palm branch, the Mancub escaping up to the front to find one to wave on her a totally different point in the service, and the Mancub escaping again during the puppet show to investigate the goings on behind the stage), we then made it home to set the house to rights before 3 friends (a Dad with two of his three grown up sons) turned up for lunch and discussions of climate change, rugby, evolution and safari guide training (with interrruptions to order and then consume our takeaways from the new Mouseland restaurant - sardines and baked beans a particular speciality)

Today we said goodbye to (and carted off various spare possessions and groceries of) some good friends who are moving to Germany after many years of mission service here. We will miss them and our kids will miss their kids.

And so life continues....

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