Sunday, 7 March 2010

He's OK

Yes, definitely better now. Last called us in to his cot to tuck the woof back in. When asked why the woof was no longer tucked in after having been tucked up with him just a few minutes earlier the reply was, predicatbly enough: "woof climbed out cot". Of course. We should have realised. And he was also running around like normal this evening with a bucket on his head saying (when not bumping into things) "'Elllo Mr Bucket Head". But stopping and acting as though there was nothing odd going on as soon as I got the camera ready. I will get some video of his "MR Bucket-head" routine one of these days... So that's all well. Back to normal for everyone tomorrow I hope - we've got 4 weeks before my parents arrive and no long trips planned before then, so definitely a chance for normality. Though we hope we can get away over night at least once or twice with friends before then - there's still a lot of this country to explore!

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