Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Parcels, Power, Permits and Progress reports

So, will I be able to blog this before the power goes off AGAIN?! And will the pizza in the oven get cooked before the power cuts again, with people on their way to visit?! Hmmm... I'll be brief... The first P is the big surprise of the day - one of the parcels of books we posted in Aberdeen seven months ago arrived today! Where it's friend is I don't know, and where it has been all this time in a mystery, but nice to get some books at least - even if the Mancub has really outgrown some of them in the intervening months...

Progress reports, well, we enjoyed Kitty's parent's evening today.

And permits - well, there's a story. I'm to be deported as a spy within 24 hrs. Possibly. Or possibly not. (I'm voting for probably not...) But it's a long story and I'm sure I'll still be here tomorrow to fill in all the details (or you'll see me in the press I suspect!) as our visitors have just arrived and the power is still on... Oh. No. Just gone off again...

But back on again now as I'm putting away wine glasses etc. The answer is, no pizza, no power, but very nice evening all the same!

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  1. Hmm. Hoping for the probably not here. Keep us posted, power permitting.