Friday, 13 September 2013

My two jobs

Hurray, I now have two jobs! Thank you God!

1) Network Facilitator for an International Network studying the environmental history of Russia. This is based in the history dept at York uni and is one day a week for three years. Website to go live soon...

2) PA to the Diocesan Secretary, two days a week (job sharing) for 9 months starting next week.

What with the kids and various bits of volunteering I think that is plenty for now, so the job hunting is suspended for a while. Phew.

15:00 Brief update: was interviewed for a place on a counselling skills certificate course an hour ago and am now enrolled....I'd better stop filling in application forms now. 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Old friends, new tricks

Lovely day last week with old friends from Tanzania who are spending a year in the UK and are only 1.5 hrs away. We met midway at Nostell Priory, a National Trust place where they not only had a huge and exciting adventure playground and beautiful lakes and woods but they were also running circus skills activities!