Thursday, 25 March 2010

another day of waiting

No progress today I'm afraid. The Lawyers were in court this morning and our troublesome immigration official was failing to answer calls or texts all afternoon, so hopes for a decisive meeting today faded yet again. We're getting used to the waiting game, but it is rather boring.

Meanwhile, Mr B seems to have developed a mild fever and headache, reminiscent of what I had almost two weeks ago. I have recovered from the fever but can't yet shake the chesty cough that followed it, and Kitty seems to have got through the cough quickly and without the fever, so that's good!

I had a busy morning touring the 3 big international schools, fact-finding to enable us to make an informed choice about where Kitty attends after the 'summer' break. My favourite is, predictably, by far the most expensive and out of our reach (although a friend, who is on the board, mentioned this afternoon that they do have a pot for helping some with fees, so that's a vague possibility). The other main contender runs from 8.15 till 3.30 each day and is a 30-40 minute (depending on traffic) journey from our house. That adds up to a lot of driving each day or a school bus, but school bussing means leaving the house at 7.15 and getting back about 5..... for a 5 year old?! Sounds horrible.

However, we now know two people connected with a small and interesting little school called "The Learning Space", which I'm now trying to find out more about. I believe that it runs only up to age 7 and is much more holistic than the traditional schools around here, with more emphasis on creativity and less on attaining particular reading and writing standards. And I think it runs in the mornings only. Definitely worth a look.

So, that was my morning. And this afternoon I attended a choir rehearsal - we're practicing songs for the Easter service. Wonderful! We will be singing variously in English, German, Spanish, Swahili and Finnish with some great local stuff involving a leader and responding chorus. Cough wasn't such a helpful asset but I LOVE being part of it. Finding people to sing, reasonably well, with here has been one of the surprising and most joyful things for me.

Tomorrow holds some childminding for me in the morning for friends departing for Germany on monday and needing to do some final packing/organisation, an end of term school party for kitty, and then a 3 year old's birthday party for all of us at the end of the afternoon, given by friends whom we have all really hit it off with...and who are also now leaving in a month or so. Maybe it will also involve productive meetings for Mr B. It's always possible....

P.S. We ate the pizza yesterday....and today... It was very good!

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  1. Please do not subject your lovely daughter to the horrors of such a long and tortuous day. The Learning space sounds much more like it. She needs to be a child and enjoy time with her parents and brother for a good while yet and will soak up academic work with no problems whenever it comes along. GAF