Saturday, 6 March 2010

Mobile phones and Ribena

Praise the Lord for mobile phones and Ribena!

The Mancub slept really well last night, woke up this morning, had a small amount of water and promptly threw up again. Drat! Amazing what you can do without dragging him to the doctors though (where friends of mine have waited for 5 hours with their sick kids before being seen...). A few text messages exchanged with the best paediatrician in town and the advice to get ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) and try to get fluid into him, but no need to visit the doctor just yet as still no fever.

So, a quick run down the hill to the nearest decent Duka la Dawa (shop of medicine aka pharmacy) and back with some ORS. Except that the made up mixture tastes absolutely foul and the Mancub refuses point blank to drink it.


My friend H texts to see how he is getting on, so I phone her back for advice - surely there is something you can add to make this stuff palatable?

Ribena - apparently the only thing that will make her kids accept it (or her too I believe)

H lives an hour from us, so I phone N down the road (who has plied me with Ribena at her house before) and ask where you can get the stuff near us. N, wonderfully, is just heading out in the car, so she throws a bottle of Ribena in and delivers it to our house 5 minutes later. Thank you N!

And it works! He loves the stuff and my problem now is to resist his constant demand for more and try to give a little and often. He's had a cup and a half over the course of an hour and is now asleep again (2nd nap so far this morning since waking at 7)

Kitty and Mr B have headed out to the BIG school at Kisongo to take part in Diversiy Fun Day. There is a parade of national costumes - always a problem when you're English! So we decided that Kitty is really Scottish (she was born in Edinburgh and lived all her life in Scotland until we moved here) and dressed her in her red tartan skirt, a white top with lots of buttons (thank you Grannie!) and her new navy blue shoes (thank you Mog!) Unfortunately she insisted on having bunches, which, with the increasingly short red skirt and white top gave her rather the look of an American PomPom girl, or whatever you call them, so we quickly created a sticky label with the St Andrew's Flag on it, to brandish on her chest. I would post a photo but they took the camera. I think Mr B is looking forward most to the international food stalls....

Anyway, I had better go and deal with the washing up and launder a few more cushion covers, sheets, clothes etc before the little man comes to again.

p.s. cousin Mog is out of the HDU and hoping to go home soon - thank you all who prayed!

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