Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sick little boy

The poor Mancub has had a bad day today. Ongoing D & V, general floppiness and exhaustion. No fever at the moment though, so we are just keeping an eye on him. Of course it had to be on the one day when 16 women and 3 extra children plus Ayah descended on our house for 3 hours for Bible Study and lunch. It's a good thing Grandma is still here. I ended up delegating Mr B to wish them all farewell as Grandma and I showered the Mancub down for the second time. I have a doctors appointment for him tomorrow, to keep or to cancel depending on how the next 12 hours go. Prayers for him much appreciated, and also for his cousin Mog (no, not her real name) who is currently in the High Dependency Unit at hospital with a chest infection complicating serious medical issues she already has.

On happier notes, Kitty enjoyed going to school dressed as Snow White for World Book Day and later taking Grandma swimming and showing off her new-found confidence at putting her face underwater to other little friends who happened to be there too. She's going to miss Grandma when she goes home tomorrow.

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  1. No no no! No more poorly children in the family! Mog much better and hopefully leaving HDU today. I hope the Mancub bounces back quickly.