Friday, 5 March 2010

Sicky song

I was all ready at 5.00pm for Mr B to finish work so I could blog about how the Mancub seems to be on the mend. He had only been up, briefly, twice in the night, no more V since 7.00 last night, wanted food today and kept down the few bits of cereal and water he was allowed, was only a bit hot rather than actually feverish and although spending most of the day napping, seemed generally better. I had the option of him being fitted in at the doctors this afternoon and declined.

And then he threw up again and the nappy changing frequency started going up again and he turned into a very sad little boy again. We still don't have any reason to think that it is very serious. He is not really feverish and has kept some fluid down today, but we'll certainly be keeping a close eye on him.

Here he is on wednesday, happy as larry with a chocolate milkshake and reading stories with Grandma.

And here he is now, wandering about, then lying down somewhere and falling asleep.

He did perk up at several points during the day, and gave Grandma a nice goodbye cuddle
and then I left him with Mr B while Kitty and I took her to the airport. 
We delivered her safely through security in plenty of time for her flight. Bye bye Grandma. You are already greatly missed!
Now the Mancub is wandering about, refusing his cot and indecisive about whether he wants cuddles or just to lie on the floor, and occasionally, and enigmatically, asking for the "sicky song". I did come up with a hastily composed and pretty poor effort to the tune of "Money money money". I'm sure one of you could do better.....

And meanwhile Kitty is in bed having collapsed tearfully in the middle of dinner announcing that she was really really tired and could she please go to bed now. I really hope it's just the result of a busy few weeks.


  1. Sorry Mancub is poorly. (Cute photos of him sleeping.) I hope he gets better soon, and that no-one else in the family catches it.

  2. Poor baby, that's no fun at all. Hope he is feeling much better soon.