Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter eggs, Ethiopian food and random animals

Yep, still here. Mr B to meet with lawyers tomorrow morning. Research permit now dutifully returned. We wait and see what happens next.

So what INTERESTING has been happening over the last few days?

Chocolate Fairy cakes
Easter egg hunts at the most amazing folly of a house in beautiful forest with a fantastic view
(grownups had Pimms, hot cross buns and posh chocolate eggs - terribly nice and colonial don't you know)

We had a bulbul in the house (here being released back to the wild)
Also close encounters with a rabbit (we were flagged down by local young boys who then popped a rabbit through the car window... much to the Mancub's delight!), a hen and her chicks (Kitty got to hold a chick while the Mancub was traumatised by a very very defensive mother hen), some local calves and goats, our tortoise, who has reappeared, lots of slugs and the odd siafu (biting army ants).

Mr B and I finally made it out for a valentine's meal last night...better late than never,eh. Although I had failed to check whether the restaurant of choice was we ended up having a rather late meal at the Ethiopian. Definitely a new food experience. As the Silly Uncle might say, it was very...nutritious...

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS, and far more important than the immigration stuff, is that both the kids have great new achievements. Kitty read me two "Read It Yourself" books, almost word perfect, today, and then read the Mancub a bedtime story. And the Mancub...well suffice it to say that we've started along the road towards nappylessness.


  1. Aww fantastic pic of her reading to him...glad you are able to enjoy fun activities despite the anxieties.

    In our prayers

  2. Cake! Where's mine?