Wednesday, 24 March 2010

To remain or not to remain, that is the question...

Well, here we are with power again at least. It was going on and off like a car indicator last night and we gave up on the pizza eventually and Mr B made a fabulous nut pilaf instead which was much enjoyed. Of course, as soon as we had decided definitively to go for the alternative, the power came on again for long enough to have cooked the pizza... oh well. Dinner for tonight sorted at least.

But, on a rather more important note, Mr B is currently ensconced at Immigration with three lawyers at his side (there's nothing like a bit of intimidation eh) trying to put a stop to (or at get a temporary injuction against) the orders to evict us all from the country following his research permit being revoked. Apparently it was actually revoked several weeks ago but for some unfathomable reason neither the letter or the email informing us of this actually reached us, which is very odd, almost as odd as the fact that, having actually created the right to kick us out, no one actually did so.... it all came to light rather by accident on Monday.

So, Kitty is at school, the Mancub havig a nap after a lively morning jumping around as hopping bunnies, zooming to the moon and dancing rings around rosies with some Belgian friends who turned up for our "Music Makers" session, and I'm sitting here, having texted a few friends to ask for prayer and having prayed myself, wondering if I should be planning what we would take in the event of a sudden exit and debating whether we have enough money in the house to pay off our staff... but thinking like that would demonstrate a sad lack of faith surely? added to which I just can't get my head around the fact that it is a real possibility and not some strange game.

Tune in to find out what happens in the next exciting installment.... (cue credits and catchy music)


  1. Adding my prayers for you all.
    Much love

  2. praying for you all now

    love GAF