Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Weekend at Yoka's farm

So, after our wonderful ladies' weekend at Yoka's farm earlier this year, it seemed only fair to take the rest of the families there too. six adults plus six children aged nearly 1 to 7. Lots of fun!


Thursday, 22 March 2012


The Mancub has been having an exciting time at school lately. This term's topic was transport and they managed to a visit to Arusha airport and also to a friend's farm where they got to help drive the tractor. I got to go too, even better!

A green tractor no less!

serious business

tricky reversing manouvre
Yesterday they had their class presentation. The Mancub had two lines, both of which he spoke nice and loud and clear. I was allowed to stay in the audience for the whole thing this time - definite progress!! They had each chosen their favourite vehicle to present. The Mancub was the last to go. After a rocket, bicycle, sailing boat, car, bus, train and a few I forget, he presented.... a yellow submarine! Cue much singing of classic Beatles numbers. See the school website (shameless plug) for photos.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Masked ball and random wildlife

On Saturday, Colin and I were invited to a masked ball to celebrated a house warming. No, really.
We've been seeing a lot of chameleons in the garden recently. This one and his mate regularly visit Colin's study window.

While a friend was round the other day, a female variable sunbird flew in the window. Very exciting!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Flying fairy

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lake Duluti again and party

Yesterday we had a lazy start and then went off to Lake Duluti for a walk, finishing the day with a birthday party. Very very hot day but a nice mix of nature, exercise and socialising.

White-eared Barbets hollowing out a nest site
We found two giant millipedes today
Spot the new gap
Maybe 20cm long
Then on to a 6th birthday party
Wow - a chocolate fountain! Never seen before in Arusha

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ladies weekend away

I have two wonderful friends here who come over every tuesday morning. Between us we bring 4 out of our 6 children. We study the Bible and pray together, while at the same time changing nappies, resolving disputes, wiping up spilt drinks and kissing sore knees better.

And then we had the inspired idea of a ladies weekend away. No husbands, no children, no nappies, no nighttime wake up calls, and, of course, plenty of wine and chocolate. Sheer bliss. Somehow I never got round the posting the pics, so here they are now.

My wonderful friends Janelle (American) and Katie (Australian)
I think these may be meant for the kids...

Off for sundowners. Katie would have driven but the lack of brakes and dodgy engine put her off (and us for that matter.)
Kili, from the car
Mine's a gin and tonic please

blooming landrovers