Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Catch me a Colobus

Letter duly delivered this morning. Mr B spent the day awaiting the summons..... it's now 9 pm so probably safe to say that final resolution has not been achieved today.

However, this did leave us free to enjoy a lovely day and treat the Wicked Uncle to some local wildlife. Spent half the day with our friend H, she of the fantastic directions to her house in the middle of the forest. Coffee, swim in the pool, walk through the forest to see Colobus and Sykes monkeys, lunch outside, and then a tropical deluge. While the rest of us waited out the rain while indulging in tea and mince pies in the living room, Kitty and her friend O decided to strip off and dance naked in the rain and then sail plastic lorries down the racing stream in the drain. What a wonderful life!

Leaving H to her packing for a trip to Kenya tomorrow, we headed up the road a short way to Mount Meru Game Lodge for some Tangawize (ginger beer) and a look at the wildlife in the sanctuary - Eland, Zebra, Crowned Cranes, Saddle-billed and Yellow-billed storks, hadadas and sacred ibis, helmeted guineafowl, porcupines etc. And then home.

Oh, and the Mancub spent a good part of the day wearing a large leaf on his head... we used them for umbrellas during a brief shower on our Colobus walk and he grew so attached to his that he insisted on wearing it from then on....

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  1. Hi B's,
    I've been out of touch with your blog for a couple of weeks and have only just found out about all you've been through since I last read it - oh my goodness, what a nightmare. The bureaucracy (if that's the word for it) makes Lebanon sound like a straightforward, organised country (like I imagine Sweden or Norway to be), where everything works as it is supposed to (and where it is actually supposed to work as it's supposed to). I'm really impressed that you are managing to stay sane through all this, and I'm really glad you managed to have fun at Christmas. I hope it all gets sorted out soonly (I know that's not a word but I think it should be) and I'll definitely be praying for you,
    love to all,