Friday, 1 January 2010

Clean sheet for a New Year?

So much fun in the last few days we've been too exhausted to blog... But yesterday afternoon, just as I was giving up hope, I got 'the call'... And the news is good - it has been agreed that all possible charges will be dropped. My binoculars, notebook and GPS may be crushed (not confirmed yet...), but the end is nigh. We're not quite celebrating yet though, as we definitely need to get it in writing, which I've been told to expect on Wednesday. So in the mean time we'll be on safari - hurrah! We're planning on leaving after lunch, after collectingcamping equipment. The route looks like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and southern Serengeti, but we're willing to be flexible! Unlikely there'll be any blogs, but don't worry, we're having fun!

Meanwhile we've had fun the last few days too, gradualling working up from gecko to giraffe on the wildlife spectacles for the Wicked Uncle, and enjoying a good New Years Eve with some neighbours - much pizza eating and South African wine. If only Kitty had decided on a lie-in this morning too... Wildlife we've seen because we did a 24hr in our local Arusha National Park again, this time entering after lunch and having an afternoon and evening doing the drier regions and lakes, then returning for the morning yesterday doing Ngurdutu Crater and the highland forest. Very nice. And here are some pics...


  1. Praise God! So pleased it all sounds positive!
    Thinking of you all. Enjoy your Safari!

  2. Hurrah! Happy new year from the Arches and Arnotts.

  3. Happy New Year everyone!

    Things are looking up!


  4. so relieved for you all. Greetings from snow smothered Inverness. GUT and GAF