Thursday, 24 December 2009

Resident's permit!

Yes, I have it!

It was issued at the main immigration office in Dar and should help things on Monday, so I'm very grateful to the very helpful people at the Conservation Resource Centre who not only organised it (and even turned up to help me during my interrogation at immigration) but got it on a plane from Dar, collected it for the airline office and delivered it to the door this evening - even though the office closed yesterday.

Yesterday I did get some more information on quite why things were being taken so seriously - it turns out that we really were in a rather sensitive area even though there are no fences, no signs and plenty of Maasai grazing their cattle...).

Anyway, I've actually managed a whole day at home today,  having fun putting hooks in walls, fitting mosquito nets in the spare room and reading the Mancub lots of stories. Mama spent the morning discovering what was left in the few shops that remain open, so we do have food for Christmas now. She even got a lady by the side of the track to sew together some of he spare curtain material into some rather funky African themed stockings too - all for 2000TSh (~£1). And we ended up having brief visits from an awful lot of people this evening, which was great too. Certainly a good way to get Kitty even more excited about Christmas. Not sure the Mancub quite realises what's happening yet... And I've just confirmed that the Wicked Uncle's flight is boarding, so we'll be seeing him in the morning - hurrah! And just in case the internet cuts out again tomorrow, here's wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas indeed.

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