Thursday, 10 December 2009


The house is full of artists at the moment, fine and performing it seems. Mama B is currently being watched by Kitty performing Ahmal and has been singing around the house much to the Mancub's excitment. Not sure how it's going as they're not back yet, but no doubt a full report in time. (Hopefully better than Kitty's Christmas performance that I think we drew something of a veil over after bottling out halfway through...) The Mancub and Kitty have both been producing works of art at home though (the Mancub is definitely exploring punctilism - or whatever it's called, I'm a scientist you know...). You can probably guess who is responsible for what (though one of the Mancub's has been slightly edited by his sister - including around the edges with scissors it seems...). And obviously Kitty is keen attribution is made whereever due anyway!

I promised they'd go up, so here they are. If I ever feel inspired myself I'll make sure my contribution is also registered... Meanwhile I'm trying to work out how to get the University to pay my friendly mechanic for fixing up the landrover nicely. It will not only let me get back into the bush tomorrow, but will hopefully mean we're fine for a safari over the Christmas period - Serengeti here we come (sorry Wicked Uncle, we decided for you... Just trying to find an affordable way to do it..)!!!