Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Birthday party

This morning's activity included ordering a dining table and chairs, a coffee table and 4 bedside tables, all to be made by a local fundi, by 22nd Dec.

Having got that sorted, this afternoon's rather cheaper activity was Kitty's first birthday party here. A classmate turned 5 and much fun was had by all in their enormous garden, with cake, crisps, paddling pool, swings, sandpit, treasure-hunt and finally some sort of wurst and potato salad (yes, German friends). The Mancub forwent his nap to join in with gusto (except the paddling pool which was deemed too cold). Parents seem to stay at these things, so I had a nice time getting to know some of the other school mums (and Dad) and consuming coffee and cake.

All in all a nice change from shopping, sorting and fixing!

And Mama didn't hear the exciting news that it looks like a paper I've helped with about Koalas and the trees they like to eat has just been accepted for publication too. So I think that surely qualifies me as a mammalogist. Excellent!


  1. Or - even more exciting - a woodland ecologist. But that might be pushing things too far.

  2. Mammalologist - hmm, we had the whole of Oz for two weeks and did we see one? Should have tried the Zoo...

    PS I'm sure the party was a chore. Those German sausages are the wurst.