Monday, 21 December 2009

Plumbing, sofas and gingerbread

Thought I'd better post today. Another couple of days of silence and we'd have great aunts wondering if Mr B was back in custody.

In fact, he had a less than exciting day attended a meeting to resolve things, that didn't end up happening and therefore didn't resolve anything... same time again tomorrow! Also chasing round town trying to get more paperwork for the Landrover, hose pipe (needed by the plumbing fundi apparently), an outdoor broom, a large hook....

Meanwhile the kids and I stayed in to supervise sofa repairs/re-covering parts, two fundis in competition after the one we had given up on turned up as well as the new one, a visit from the landlord to supervise fundi no. 2 and tell me off for wasting money on useless lawyers and tell the sofa repairers that they jolly well better not scratch the floor tiles....

Kitty embarked on a craft project involving the creation of a green card frog door sign, the Mancub was stung by treading on a bee, again, cried hard for a while and then insisted on running around barefoot outside, again, limping. We tried to feed a very shy tortoise the leftover salad from lunch, caught an intersting moth for daddy, and shared yesterdays gingerbread creations with our housekeeper, landlord and fundi. And finally I discovered the Mancub 'helping' E, one of our Askaris, to wash the Suzuki. It's always nice to have a clean car, but the resultant lake on the drive always results in two very wet and muddy children. At least it was the end of the afternoon this time.

Tomorrow's activity - trying to find a present for the Mancub. What chance of a ride-on tractor and trailer do you think?!

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  1. just cought up with you after four days away. Hope all is going well. Thinking of you all.