Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Chocolate lorry!

How did they know? The people somewhere in Germany who made the advent calender we bought at our favourite cafe here. Kitty of course bagged the first door and was rewarded yesterday morning with a chocolate bell. The Mancub, grudgingly allowed the fruits of this morning's door-opening, received a chocolate lorry carrying a pile of chocolate sand. Now everytime he sees our bed (where the great advent event takes place - not altogether wisely as Mr B now has a fetching brown pattern on his nice white pillowcase) he says "coclat lowwy!" with great relish. What will it be on the fourth? A tractor? Steam train? Motorbike? I'm all anticipation.


  1. It will be a chocolate RTW of course.

  2. We don't get Chocolate advent clanders here - must not be an American thing!?
    Stole Andy's computer for a while so I could post a comment - love the blog and so glad you guys are settling in - is there a Uni nearby where Andy could teach a summer course? If so we'll be on our way out to you!!

  3. Ah, I had one of those Advent Calendars! (@Sian: It's German, I believe) I opted for making a Lego one with Arwen and Finnian, though. Might change later.