Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas and Boxing Day fun!

As reported, Christmas was a fun day - Wicked Uncle arrived, coffee was drank fast, Church was done only slight late and then pancakes in Christmases for lunch followed by various presents (some exhibited below) and skype calls to relations elsewhere. Very much the modern way of joining in Christmas across the continents (just was well the time zones aren't too different!). Eventually tired children were packed off to bed and an adult Christmas dinner (of what turned out to be a prawn and mango curry in coconut milk in honour of the tropicality of the situation. We did have the Christmas pudding though - and concluded we need to order some vegetable suet for next year...) enjoyed. Boxing Day was also fun, with ;pot luck' leftover lunch at friends down in the swampy side of town. I spent rather too long (and all their ink - it's amazing how much I have produced over the last few years when you print it all out together...) printing my papers and documents, etc., but enjoyed the lunch and then, after the ink ran out, joined in the tour of the farm - the Mancub liked the cows, I preferred the Diderick cuckoo... And then we all played obligatory post lunch Boxing Day cricket on the lawn. Between us I think the Wicked Uncle and I were definitely the most expensive bowlers...


  1. Great piccies! Merry Christmas to you all. Our computer isn't up to skype as it is ancient or we'd have joined in techno-fest.

  2. Glad you have had a good couple of days! Hope the forthcoming week brings good news.
    In our prayers!

  3. Looks like fun!

    It's minus 5 here, going on -10 tonight. Had a visit from a dozen grey partridges today. They have rather nice go-faster stripes down the sides. The bird tables are going full steam too, we should be taking a tithe of the sparrows at least!