Friday, 18 December 2009

Decorations and furnishings

Sorry, no exciting news of arrests or suspected espionage today. (Please tune out now unless you're interested in home furnishings).

Lots of shopping instead, after some expenses finally got paid and we have spending power again! Sofas arrived, complete with two holes in the fabric after pretty poor packing for delivery (i.e. lets chuck them in the back of this truck and drive up a very bumpy track). These have now been mended... i.e. we now have two spiders webs made of THICK BLACK YARN on the back of one of the sofas. Meanwhile, Mr B discovered that the fabric was actually coming apart where it has been pulled too tight into some completely unneccessary and uncomfortable (decorative?) seams running along the seats... so we have someone coming to sort that out on Monday...nothing, it seems, is ever simple.

Meanwhile, final curtains are being made, sheets are being re-made (this time with parallel sides....) and a very smart wooden frame supporting a floor-length mosquito net has been erected over our bed to replace the bell shaped one that dangled low over our faces and had to be tucked in.

The children and I also visited our neighbour L, definitely an angel in disguise, who has lent us hosts of Christmas decorations, a beautiful wooden rocking elephant, some duplo, a toy bus with passengers and a toy garage complete with ramps, traffic lights that really change colour and, joy of joys, a postbox with 'letters' you can post in it. The Mancub is sleeping with the bus tonight. I felt slightly bad taking her Christmas decorations until I saw her house.... 30 different nativity scenes will probably keep her going without missing the things she has lent us.


  1. Have only just caught up with your blog after a while.
    So sorry to read of everything going on. Praying for you all. So glad today was slightly less eventful for you all and hope the chidlren are able to relax again. Poor Mancub, I am sure he needs lots of reassurance.
    Love to you all

  2. rest assured that we are way down the league of Christmas house lighting and decorating in our part of the world, too! Inflatable snowmen inside inflatable snow globes - lit up, and more...
    love to you all