Monday, 25 July 2011

Ushongo Beach

Back this evening after a long drive home from Ushongo beach where we had five nights with friends in their banda aka 'Susan's beach house'. Lovely time. Lots of wave jumping, sandcastle building, shell-hunting, dancing on the sand, bird and butterfly-spotting and beach wandering. Added highlights included watching a Green Turtle nest being relocated to safety, numerous pairs of mating giant millipedes and a sundowners trip in 'The Grasshopper' (the bounciest open landrover I've ever experienced) to see Hippos. The heat of each day was happily frittered away dozing, reading, stickering and playing bananagrams. Thank you so much Susan and co. for sharing your holiday with us!

I'll let Mr B do a beach wildlife post tomorrow and share some kid shots (and, of course, obligatory sunset) today.

Relocated nests carefully marked. The original nesting site is now regularly inundated, killing the eggs.

The nest is normally about a metre down, so a similarly deep hole is dug.

173 eggs carefully 'laid'

Last evening dip

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  1. Love the mating millipedes! Superb photography Mr B! And you also managed to catch the next generation of Reggie Perin fans.