Monday, 4 July 2011

More sayings of the Mancub

The Mancub often entertains us with his odd outbursts. This morning out of the blue he declared "there are a lot of people in Brussels". Which, whilst factually correct, seemed a slightly surprising observation in the middle of breakfast. More entertaining still are his attempts at knock-knock jokes:

"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Boo who?"
"No, cows don't go boo, they go moo!"

or the obviously related, but rather funnier:

"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"Cowsgo who?"
"Don't cry, it's only a joke!"

Which I think is probably a surrealist improvement on the original - at least, it makes me chuckle!

He also has a new addition to his comfort items - his 'silky thing', which is a sort of mini-blanket, silky on one side and velvety on the other, with a kitten's head in the middle. This has now become his 'baby'. It's called Jemma cat and, apparently, even though his is its Mama, it didn't grow in his tummy, it grew in his teddy sheet instead. His teddy sheet and silky thing are very VERY important, especially at bedtime, which makes washing them quite an ordeal.

One nice result of school holidays is that he and Kitty are learning to play well together quite often. Latest favourite games include the Mancub's baby going for a sleepover at Tinkle's house (Tinkle is a fairy) and (to continue the surrealist theme) two little kittens hatching out of eggs in a quilt nest on Mama and Daddy's bed.

Both mad as hatters. Can't think where they get it from.


  1. Lovely anecdotes. Thanks for sharing. xxx

  2. Love it.

    Their cousin's current favourite joke
    "Mumma, why did the animals cross the road?"
    "Because they needed to go to hospital"
    Cue much rolling around with laughter.