Thursday, 28 July 2011

Beach wildlife

Mama B decided to leave it to me to put some wildlife pictures up, so here they are. The beach is always fun! I've also put a few up on the safari blog if you want more biology (and I'll add a few more on this theme there in time too...).
Prize for anyone who can spot the White-fronted Sandplover on it's nest (first breeding record for N coast of Tanzania, it seems)

Black-bellied Startlings are a good sign you're at the coast too.

Flower sp. Quite pretty.

Mating millepedes. Look where they keep their genitalia! Very inconvenient, I should think.

Sunrise makes pretty pics

Another flower sp. Butterflies liked this one.

So, African Monarch, or it's mimic, the (female) diadem. Prizes here too!

Dark Blue Pansy

Bronze Mannekins are very cute, especially newly fledged.

These guys liked the early morning sun and were nesting in many trees.

Acraea calderena, Black-tipped Acraea

Acraea serenna They're very diverse!

African Cuckoo-Hawk

Odd snail. After buying himself in the sand he popped both eyes out to watch us. Can you see them?!

Pretty shells!

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  1. So, what are the answers to your quiz? I couldn't find the plover on its nest (despite enlarging the photo and looking carefully) and I couldn't work out whether the butterfly was a Monarch or a Diadem. Please put me out of my misery