Sunday, 17 July 2011

Peacful Saturdays...

Monitor Lizards are always good
We've had a good day today – Kitty started well by setting breakfast things out for us whilst we were still in bed. Amazing! Then we had a lovely walk around Lake Duluti, which Kitty normally moans about but today just had fun the whole way around – and even the Mancub walked the whole loop without being carried too. They did, at times, disappear further around the corner than we would have liked, but there you go, which meant that Mama missed getting as good views as I did of some of the prettier birds that turned up, but it was still a treat. Now we're waiting for power to come back on to post this, and friends to come over for an evening of food and games (possibly by candle light...). Still, a few photos from Duluti (and a more detailed discussion of mixed-species bird flocks over on the safari blog if you want! Best photos are here too though...). It's a beautiful walk and lovely to just be able to stroll without hassle (although sometimes to the background noise of the local animists worshipping loudly in the caves above the lake),

This African Darter was making nice green squiggles

Streams of siafu

Grey-olive Greenbul, bit of a birder's bird...

Soldier Pansy, lots of these whilst enjoying coffee after our walk...

Red-capped Robin Chat, very smart
Ruppell's Robin-chat- I think!

Mancub and S enjoy a story before bed...

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