Sunday, 17 July 2011


Hurrah! The friends who invited us to stay with them at the beach last October have invited us again. So this wednesday or thursday, depending on how work goes, we'll be heading to the coast for several days. Here we are enjoying it last time. This time should be a little cooler. It's a whole day's long, hot, noisy and dusty ride in the landrover, but lovely when you get there! The accomodation is basically pitch your tent under the friends' thatched roof in the middle of the coastal woodland, so we'll be taking all our food, drinking water, bedding etc. Looking forward to it!

Had a lovely day today. Kitty set the table before we got up, AGAIN (!),  then church and later (me) enjoying a nice afternoon playing Settlers of Catan with friends while Mr B looked after the small ones. Also enjoyed skyping a few people when the power came back on this evening. Happy 92nd birthday Great Granny!

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