Wednesday, 13 July 2011

beware the leak water phenomenon

I bought a hot water bottle today. At least, that's what I thought it was, but the packaging names it a 'rubber heat water bag'. The packaging also gives a long list titled 'direction' which I quote below for your edification. I never knew that using a hot water bottle rubber heat water bag was so complex.
  1. Heat water bag is used in medical treatment health and common live to get warm
  2. The water temperature that the heat water bag used should be around 90 degrees C. The water should not over 2/3 than the capacity of the heat water bag.
  3. After filling water, must let the air in the heat water bag out and let the screw tight. Check if there is leak water phenomenon.
  4. When baby use the heat water bag, should let the heat water bag a little far from baby.
  5. When the heat water bag is used or storage must avert it to be weight on or stabed, not touch sour, alkali, oil and sunlight shoot.
  6. Storage heat water bag should fill a little air inside. Put it in shady environment.
  7. The dirt on the heat water bag can be washed by soap water than use water wash it clean.
  8. The heat water bag should not be put in the display window so long time, especially the display window in the sunshine shoot.


  1. Does the shoot help the leak water phenomenon?

  2. Don't know. Do you think I should buy a sunshine gun next and try? Can;t imagine what the instructions for that would be...

  3. isn't that a magnifying glass aimed at something flammable?