Monday, 11 July 2011


We took some friends (the ones with the cute one-year old) camping to Maji Moto at the weekend. This is a lovely warm spring set in a grove of shadyf fig trees about an hour and a half from Arusha. We went for the first time earlier this year.

Lovely swimming, daring jumps from high branches, inelegant swinging from ropes and lots of nocturnal wildlife to keep us entertained in the evening and awake all night!

Maji Moto

7 people and lots of camping gear in one landrover. Poor S got packed in the boot but was thoroughly uncomplaining!
Mama summoning courage to jump
Mr B, not to be outdone
Tarzan aka S

Kitty did some great swimming
The Mancub had fun too
Setting up camp
Well, some of us worked hard
Fig trees make a great jungle gym

Pygmy Kingfisher
Greater Galago or "Bushbaby"
Common Genet
Lots of fun had by all. Not so much sleep, but worth it to lie awake listening to the sounds of the African bush. The background low roar of insect life was overlaid by squabbling bushbabies, genets padding through dead leaves and fruit bats sounding annoyingly like a digital alarm clock.

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