Wednesday, 4 November 2009

School Uniform

Kitty's first day in uniform today, so in response to requests for a pic...

As for how she is enjoying it, I think it depends when you ask, how tired she is, what mood she's in...
She's gone in eagerly each day once we've actually got to the school, and she has seemed happy enough when we've picked her up. But we've had complaints. Definitely too much learning (i.e. some) and not enough playing apparently, but part of the reason we chose this school was the that there is lots of outdoor playtime and afternoons are all activity time. The weekly swim (involving a bus trip to the BIG school) proved a big disappointment yesterday because it was all learning and no play.

At any rate, the worst we hear is that sometimes it's BORING. No panics, no tears, no clinginess, no refusing to take part, , so it could be a lot worse! A certain lack of eating  - lunch today consisted of one piece of cheese.... but she made up for it by eating a big dinner with second helpings - almost unheard of - so I'm not too bothered.

On a different note, we will leave this house next Monday (our rooms are needed for others) and move to a beautiful house that we're house-sitting for a few weeks. It will be a bit of a wrench, partly because this house is so familiar now (and feels like it's ours!) but also because we will leave behind our two Askaris (night guards) whom we have grown to love. Every evening they turn up, just as we're finishing dinner usually, and the kids charge out to play with them for 20 minutes or so before being reluctantly herded inside to be de-grimed and put to bed. P (Bimbambom in Mancub speak) is the favourite. He throws them in the air, kicks a ball with them, and generally larks about. If he arrives while we're still eating, that's it for the Mancub - dinner is OVER and he's off, demanding cuddles. B, a grandfather and a bit more sedate, is also sought after. I must get a photo of P before we leave. Here is one of B.

Tomorrow Mr B is heading out west, partly to search for more weavers, and also, a last ditch attempt to locate a house for rent over there - noone has been able to tell us about a single one since we arrived 4 weeks ago, so he will just stop and ask the locals. If that fails, then I think we'll call a halt to the house-hunt and start the bargaining process on one.

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  1. How grown-up does Kitty look!

    And lovely ot hear of the fun Kitty and A. have with P and B.

    Praying for wisdom and success re house to rent.