Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Moving in slowly...

So today saw the first major deliveries into the new house - a cooker, a mattress and a fridge all eventually made it up there this morning. One only somewhat comic moment as I was trying to locate the truck wiht the fridge and mattress when it came sailing past me up the track in the opposite direction, happily ignoring my shouts. Still, a high-speed three point turn and landrover chase up the hill saw me eventually overhaul the truck as they stopped to ask someone where on earth they were trying to get to... So, we still need quite a lot of things and are just waiting for some expenses to be reimbursed before making the next set of purchases, but hopefully the next few days will see us increasing the collection. And who knows, we might even be more or less fully furnished before our first visitor arrives for Christmas (now you really have to come!). Wouldn't that be fun!

In other news Mama experienced our first robbery yesterday when her phone was stolen, having narroly avoided much worse happening when putting the Mancub in the car a little while earlier. It could have been much worse (she dropped the phone without realising and watched someone esle pick something up before realising she'd lost it...) and she's already got a new one with the same number (but if you're reading and think she's got your number on her phone, you're probably wrong - please send her a message with your name again!). Anyway, all part of the fun here. Oh, and I have a PO Box address for small and uninteresting looking things (really, please don't send anything at all interestesting looking - we sent two small boxes before we came and they disappeared somewhere...). Let me know if you want it!

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