Monday, 2 November 2009

2 car family!

So this afternoon we became a two-car family as I jumped on the shuttle bus to Moshi to pick up the landrover I've bought to enable some proper fieldwork. It's a old (1988 actually, so really rather old) Landrover 110 that the mechanic I took it to last weekend thought was in amazing condition, only needing a few minor things doing (tightening the steering - a need I certainly noticed on my way home this afternoon!) and some new front springs before he thought I could trust it to the deepest bush. So, here it is driven by the Mancub.

And me as Big White Hunter, now properly equipped for the bush...

Kitty loved the indestructible nature of the inside meaning she could climb all over it.

But the Mancub also remaind faithful to the "lello ligh'" fascination of the Escudo. Though he does look as though he might be consoling it on loosing some status to the more venerable beast...

NB Note the size of the Landrover (apparently she's called Sahara): plenty of room for lots to join us on safari. And a roofrack for extra luggage (or people). Ideal for that roof tent too. Now I wonder where you find one of them...


  1. Ooh so how did Kitty get on at school? She certainly looked keen and eager.
    They look to be really excited exploring the Landrover, I used to drive one like that but considerably older and more battered!
    Keep safe!

  2. Gosh a landrover and a BIG one too! I'm so envious, I could have added this to my extensive collection of 'classic' (cough cough) cars that don't work!

    These old beasts are easy to fix (buy a LARGE hammer) and great fun, should come in handy indeed. Looks bigger than the campervan we had in Oz.

    I see Alexander is attempting to remove your bumper...