Monday, 16 November 2009

More quick news...

All continues OK - main excitement today being the ordering of one bed to be made for us. Most beds here being designed for people slightly shorter than me (and I'm not that tall), I wanted a bigger one so Mama and the Mancub set off on an adventure to the roadside furniture makers. Having decided what a fair price might be for a purpose build bed, she sat down to describe the requirements and the starting price offered was about 1/2 what she's thought fair, so after a little disbelief, interpreted by the seller as probably thinking it was too much, the price came down still further! We look forward to seeing the final work - and a tthat price might get them to put together dining table and chairs too...

Otherwise I enjoyed waiting for the floor to dry before heading out to come here this afternoon - a couple of days without rain and the puddles are all dry so our garden pond was again the centre of bird activity. In 5 minutes there were:

Yellow-vented Bulbul. (Many!)
Blackcap (at least 3m + 1f)
Garden Warbler
Baglafecht Weaver
African Citril
Black and white Manikin
Red-eyed Dove
Grey-headed Sparrow
Grey Woodpecker
Variable Sundbird

and I can't remember any more. Still 10 species in 5 mins, mid-afternoon. I don't think you'd easily manage that in the UK. How nice to be in Africa!


  1. Hi Guys! Yep, a good list for 5 minutes I would say. Glad to see you are settling in well. All looks amazing. Love from Clan Evans.

  2. Well I'm just rying to comment on Andy's lap top. for some reason mine doesn't like your set up. Great to get all your new, am an avid fan - keep writing, Lots of love,