Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sayings of the Mancub

The internet is very slow today, so whilst I wait for the e-mails to arrive I thought I'd let you all know some of the Mancub's more interesting vocabularyas they occur to me. He seems to get less clear as he grows older, but there are some rules for translation. If it ends with an "s" sound it will be said "ai", if it ends with a hard "c" sound, that will come out as a "t". Most other constonants seem to be "b" or "p"s. Who needs all 26 letters anyway?

Happy Cate = Birthday Cake. (interestingly the only cake he'll touch at the moment)
Bimbimpee = Milipede (very common in our house at the moment...)
Mipe = Blanket
Meep = Sheet
Map = Cat
Mama = Banana (or Mama)
Bite = Flake
Unt = Elephant
Bebra = Zebra
Un'a = Another
Nunnul = Tunnel (very important for his cars)
Car part = car park
Bie = Bus
Tortie = Tortoise
Hie = House
Ony = Orange
Mit = Milk
Peep = Sleep

They get strung together in various ways, and context is very important. Thus "Mama, dowie, geen", might mean "there's a green banana in the shower", or perhaps more likely (though you never can tell with the Mancub around) "Mama's in the shower, getting clean".

He's also doing the same to Swahili (whith the exception of chui (leopard) which is perfect...

Holy = Hodi (equicalent of 'knock, knock', when arriving at a gate)

whilst I'm intrigued by:

Byeheri. Is this Bye bye, or kwaheri?

Still, that's all I an think of for now and most of the e-mails have now downloaded so I'd best do some work. Tomorrow we're getting lots of things delivered to the new house, so more business to come - it would be good to be up there by the end of the week though. We'll see!

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  1. Jamba Alexander

    Mama peep - Bebra hie uh oh!

    Unt nunnel Lolly Nunnel uh oh!

    Tortie car part Bie car part Uh Oh!

    Happy cate 'n Mit mmmmmmm!

    Byeheri Alexander