Monday, 9 November 2009

Moving house...

Just a quick note - we moved to the (very nice!) house we are staying in for a little while whilst we sort the other house this morning. All moved OK and the true occupants will be off today and tomorrow, so all our fairly soon. I'm writing (with a low battery...) from a cafe down the road, as I'm not sure we'll have internet in the house for a while, so we may be rather more sporadic in posting. I'm enjoying the excuse to be here though - a nice coffee, lovely garden to sit and type in, and of course I had to bring my bins so I can enjoy the birds coming to drink at the fountain. Must be getting chilly back in UK at the moment - one of the visitors was a nice female blackcap and we had a lovely spotted flycatcher in the garden whilst we had breakfast this morning. It's the first blackcap we've seen for the season, and whilst the flycatchers have been in the bush when we've been out there its the first to arrive in the town, and I know they'll get fairly common in a few weeks time. Nice to see some friends from home. Anyway, back to plotting maps...


  1. It is getting chilly here (8 degrees)but I had a fabulously active red admiral butterfly helping me rake leaves in bright sun this afternoon. Pretty good company. GAF

  2. Big giraffe: It's dinner time
    Little giraffe: I'm not hungry. I don't want any dinner.
    Big giraffe: If you don't eat these greens you won't have any pudding and it's wild apricots and mimosa- your favourite.