Monday, 30 November 2009

Moving in tomorrow!

Honest guv. We really are, finally, moving in tomorrow to our new abode. Saturday saw Mr B and the children taking our accumulated purchases to date up to the house while I went on a spending spree to find crockery, cutlery, pans, knives, implements, mops, brooms, laundry detergent, cleaning cloths, clothes pegs.... The shopping continued today (once we had determined that Mr B had been paid and we had money in the bank again!) for the crucial things we discovered we had missed (ike power adaptors so we can use the kettle and oven...) and collecting the last curtains.

Also tomorrow our new housekeeper  - J - starts. We met her on Friday morning - the sister of the lady who cleaned the first house we stayed in - and we just seemed to click. We've agreed to try things out for a week and take it from there.

While unpacking things on saturday we noticed that our new kitchen has no drawers, only cupboards with half-depth shelves... I'm sure one of you clever and resourceful readers can suggest way of storing cutlery, utensils, tea-towels etc?
In case you are eagerly awaiting news of Kitty's Christmas Production, I'm afraid there isn't any suitable to report. Suffice it to say that we experienced 5 minutes of it and then decided that discretion was the better part of valour and we all went home, one of us for an early night....

Oh, other good news today - Mr B found his first Rufous-tailed Weaver! It was (uncharacteristically) on its own and no signs of nests but he is hopeful that revisiting the site earlier in the day may turn up more. I hope so....


  1. Great! Do you have a veranda? And, although the housekeeper job has gone, I'm sure you could use a gardener (willing to live in t'potting shed).

    Can't help with the kitchen planning unfortunately (Colin will confirm that I'm horribly untidy). Perhaps you could buy or have made a chest of drawers?

    'There isn't any suitable to report'! Poor kitty, I hope you weren't tough critics.

    As for the RTW, I took pity on Colin and posted a few, don't tell him...


  2. Yay for the moving and the housekeeper and the pay and especially the weaver!

    Storage - Plastic crates? Cardboard boxes can be cut and taped to shape and you can stick paper over them to make them pretty if you like (or draw Peppa Pig all over them). A box file would probably hold as much cutlery as you're likely to need.

    Alternatively, take it as an excuse to get invited to as many other people's houses as you can, and nosey around to see what they do (and if they happen to offer cakes and biscuits, why, you'll just have to take them up on it)!