Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Location, location, location

Sitting in the dark again tonight – we obviously need more rain... Amazing how quickly we'd decided they'd stopped the power rationing and forgotten about things! Still, a little juice left here so I thought I'd write something to post tomorrow. We've been sitting here mainly discussing houses – the earlier preferred option is now looking like a January maybe date, so we've ruled that out. But are now debating the “location, location, location” option. And in particular the relationship with schools – although Kitty started in town this week, from next year she'd have to move to the main campus which is about a 40min drive south-west from where we are at the moment – but in the same direction as I want to be for work. The problem is that we've seen just about no houses in that area and apparently there really aren't many rental properties there. We have seen some on the north-west side of town, but west is the dry side of town (and it makes a huge difference) so the general areas are far less attractive and gardens rather less shady. So what is it that makes a location? Handy for work / school certainly counts, but nice living area must count too. Dunno really...

Still, at least Kitty likes some of school – she enjoys the playing, but thinks there's too much time wasted trying to teach her something. And we have got cars sorted at last, so progress in some areas at least!

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