Thursday, 29 October 2009

This n That

There's a shop/cafe here called This n That. You can guess what it sells. It has a trampoline in the garden so very popular with the kids. We also got a booster car seat for Emma from there.

Today has been a this n that sort of day. On the one hand, we heard that the house we've been hoping to take is now not available till late December at the earliest, so we've pretty much laid that idea to rest. On the other hand a lady I met for the first time today offered us the use of her house for 4 weeks while she is travelling with work. And we can go there from 9th November, the day we have to leave here. Hurrah! Thank you Lord! (and thank you N too!)

We've arranged to see yet another house tomorrow morning, in the same lush green area that I was in this morning, attending a Women's Bible Study group. Beautiful area. Good robust discussion, excellent cake, and prayers offered for everything and everyone from victims of drought to marketing opportunities for jewellery made by streetchildren in Nairobi, from sick children and family reunions to newcomers looking for a house....

Also today, I enrolled Kitty in an early years school in town. She starts on Monday and I've suddenly realised that, as well as uniform, I will have to locate a fabric pen or name labels for labelling all clothes, possessions, limbs etc, something that will do as a lunchbox and snackbox, things to put in said boxes... looks like we need to discover some more of Arusha's shops....

The Mancub's excitements for the day included strawberries at the Bible Study (available here but expensive, so the first he's had since we moved...), a little boy there only 4 days his senior to play with and share his bus with (with a certain amount of persuasion and reassurance) and, less pleasantly, a sting from a bee he trod on in the garden. Fortunately not too bad, but a very sad little boy for a while. Both children seem to have gone feral as far as footwear is concerned and the Mancub has become very adept at removing shoes or sandals (and indeed trousers and nappy...hmmm) The misery didn't last very long though and by bedtime both of them had metamorphosed into yappy dogs, crawling around on the floor and yipping. It's nice that they're playing together sometimes now...I think.

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