Sunday, 11 October 2009

Kufurahi (to rejoice, be happy)

Well, a very different day today. Quiet, relaxing, non-energetic. Can you classify a day here by the fact that the kids didn't need a full body scrub before bed to remove layers of accumulated dust and grime, but made do with a feet, neck and hand wash? Nice cool morning after last night's rain. Mt Meru's peak was newly covered in snow.

Tried out our first church here today - Arusha Community Church. English speaking, so nice and easy! We even knew most of the songs (old favourites from Mission Praise). A nice mix of nationalities - we chatted to English, Irish, German, American and lots of Tanzanian folk and there were clearly a lot more nationalities represented too. Good preaching and very friendly people and I felt more at home than I've felt so far here. Will definitely revisit. A nice surprise was meeting the very person Mr B had been hoping to chat to by phone afterwards. Very competent birder who it turns out loves God as well as birds. Always a good combination! He was able to reassure us that there are plenty of Rufous-tailed Weavers (Mr B's study species) nearby, despite the drought, and possibly right on the edge of town, which would be very handy.

We even got a lift home with L (having taken a taxi there - after haggling the fare down to half what was originally asked but possibly still more than we should have paid) and she has offered to pick me and the kids up on thursday to take me to the Ladies' Bible study. I'm finding this variable price thing bizarre - I negotiated a taxi fare yesterday and was even asked what exchange rate I would like when paying with dollars instead of shillings in the supermarket.

Quite afternoon at home napping, watching birds, gecko, enormous crickets and beetles and a chameleon and playing "here we go round the mulberry bush" around tree that is not remotely like a mulberry bush on what was definitely not a cold and frosty morning.



  1. Sounds like a good day. Glad the birds are there; it's an awfully long way to travel only to find out you're in the wrong place otherwise...

    Take care,

  2. Glad you found a friendly Church always a good start to a new home I think! Once we found where we worship now it made a huge difference. Rosie is accepted just as she is!
    Hope you start to feel At Home soon.
    Love to you all