Friday, 9 October 2009

Still settling in...

Another day passes and at last we can show you a picture! Here is Mama on the veranda of the house we're currently staying in. And you can see Mt Meru in the background too (but sadly no weavers). Each day seems a little more comfortable as we revisit some of the same places and meet some of the same faces, though still loads to learn about the area and little progress on the find a house and car challenge - I tested out a land rover this morning and can safely say I'd forgotten how heavy they are to drive. It didn't help that the stearing was also rather soggy and the gears miniscule targets in a very wobbly box... Hopefully there'll be a few other options coming up soon. And an attempt to visit some houses on the west of town was aborted halfway after realising we'd only manage to see one thanks to a certain lack of organisation of keys etc. from the agent. Still, hopefully we'll try again tomorrow with a few other options.

And with the power off inside I did sit around the veranda a lot whilst the battery on the laptop lasted trying to do a bit of work and did spot some weavers in the garden - only Reichenow's (or Baglafecht if you prefer that name) Weavers, but weavers none the less. Better was the flock of European Bee-eaters heading over to the south to join the Blue-cheeked from yesterday. Just a shame you'll have to google the names to find pictures - very fine birds the lot of them! And we're still enjoying seeing Marabou Storks circling overhead and Silvery-cheeked Hornbills whilst sitting in cafes having lunch out. (Actually in a cafe with a trampoline in the garden, much to the little ones' delight. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun, but only Scottish children bounce on trampolines in it! No wonder they're safely asleep now.

So, we'll see what tomorrow brings, but hope for some more fun as well as more houses - it is the weekend afterall.

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  1. Welcome to your knew home. Hope it feels like home soon and life settles into some normalness and boring routine for a little while at least.
    Will enjoy following your exploits!