Monday, 12 October 2009

Arusha snapshots

The children playing "islands"as we walk up our road. The islands are the few remaining patches of road surface. They do a lot of "swimming"...

Buying fruit and veg at the "shop" up the road (the veranda of someone's house) with the children.
Pointing out that they haven't charged us for our potatos - getting this added to the bill.
Realising that the beans and tomatos we handed over to be weighed haven't made it into our bags - these being found and included for free along with an extra couple of carrots as a present.
At various points during these interchanges rescuing beans from various other boxes after the Mancub has redistributed them and rescuing more beans from the various shop helpers after he has tried to buy us some more
Getting home and realising that the cucumber we chose didn't make it into our bags...

Trying to make it from the gate, up the drive and into the house without ending up in another long discussion of British agriculture and Tanzanian politics with Cleoface, the gardener.

Calling up our favourite taxi driver, called Godlisten, to arrange to see two cars and a house he know of.

Everyone stopping to chat to, smile at and tickle the Mancub (but not Kitty) because he's a boy...

Kitty and the Mancub having a teddy bears' picnic in Bumblebee cottage on the verandah.

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  1. Great to be in touch! Lots of love from us all, keep up the stream if you can,