Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Rain. Yes - it rains here. In fact, yesterday was a thoroughly grey, soggy day. (cue much rejoicing for those of you jealous of our warmth and sunshine!) At least it does it properly though - coming down in bucketloads after just five seconds of warning drizzle. And, it really isn't very cold.

Kitty was delighted. She has been waiting for a good downpour. Before coming here we had a hard job to convince her that it would be a fun place to live. One of the draws we came up with (apart from an increase in frequency of ice-creams) was warm rain to dance in. Not something we got a lot of in NE Scotland.

Meanwhile I was out, first to check out a potential school and then on to a supermarket to get milk... and then on to another supermarket to get milk...and the third one had some! There appears to be a general East African milk shortage - not very surprising really having seen plenty of dead cows last weekend. The drought has taken a severe toll on livestock.

I drove to the (third) supermarket on a dry main road. I drove back (having managed to unstick the windscreen wipers but getting drenched in the process) up a raging torrent.

When the rain finally stopped, the children and I headed out puddle-jumping in the garden. Unfortunately I have not yet braved the clothes market and obtained wellies for any of us, so the children's shoes are still in the process of drying 24 hours later... But it was worth it. They had a fantastic and thoroughly filthy time of it followed by a long soak in the bath.

That was yesterday. The scheduled power rationing in the evening prevented blogging so we washed up, read and chatted by candlelight instead.

Today involved a trip to see a potential house (amazing garden, big but rather gloomy and very run-down house...hmmm), a trip to find a new car battery after having to jump start the car this morning, and a trip to try to find some Rufous-tailed Weavers - nests there but no birds - curious? We also made a new friend - Max - a giant land snail, tempted out into the open by the rain no doubt.

The Mancub's response? "Cuggle 'Nail!!"


  1. The mancub clearly takes after his father...
    Although, if you were watching that snail take on a wheelbarrow I suspect it wouldn't be moving over the wheel but pushing the barrow itself.

  2. Wow, dancing in the rain how wonderful. Hope the right house comes for you soon. x