Friday, 30 October 2009

Readership vote

Yes, we are failing to make a decision about housing so Mr B has decided that it's time for a readership vote. Will YOU help us decide where to live for the next 2 years?

The house we really really like is unlikely to be available till the end of December, with no actual guarantee of a moving in date. We saw another house this morning with definite potential but we still like the other one better in terms of location, garden, view, price, furnished... The one we saw this morning we could probably move into next week (though we'd have to find some furniture) and, although currently overpriced, we might be able to bargain down to the same price or slightly lower than the other. It's probably our second choice out of the 20 or so houses we've seen. We do have a house-sitting option for the next 4 weeks and then a different house-sitting option for the following 5 weeks, but is it really worth not having our own home until Christmas (or beyond)? Your opinion is sought!

On a totally un-house-related note, Kitty and I discovered Aladin's cave this afternoon. We went out to buy school uniform, except that they are actually going to run up some skirts for her in the next few days as they didn't have her size. On the way back to the car we spotted a stationary shop, only on entering it turned out to be a stationary cum book cum art cum toy shop. I could have spent a fortune very happily and stayed all afternoon but we did tear ourselves away in the end bearing a lovely assortment of purchases: a book full of wonderful patterns to colour, a lunchbox, a pair of armbands, 3 paintbrushes, 8 postcards and, perhaps best of all, a hardback book called "My first THINGS THAT MOVE" for the Mancub - pages upon pages of TRACTORS, diggers, buses, ambulances, fire-engines, cars, aeroplanes..... an instant success!

We rounded off the day by posting our first letters at the post office, a quick (and very cold) swim (Kitty suddenly 'swimming' confidently across the pool and back repeatedly with the aid of armbands) and another installement of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


  1. So where's the poll?

    What's more important? Your own place, or the right place? If you settle for second best will you be happy, or will you be mourning the other house every time you drive in its general direction?

  2. Two moves. Ouch says Ian. He reckons you need to get sorted straight-away.
    But I say location location location. Its worth the wait. At least you won't be homeless in the meantime.

  3. hi Colin & Victoria

    Jack here. I reckon you should hold out for the better place, the few weeks will soon be over and you'll not spend the next couple of years having mild regrets...

    Your blog is great, it's particularly useful for keeping tabs on Colin's birdwatching activities.