Saturday, 10 October 2009

More houses...

Visiting houses can be tedious... Between us we traipsed around 7 (I think) houses and refused to even look at a couple more. If we were chosing only on the basis of garden birds, the second house I visited would be the one for me I think - White-fronted Bee-eaters nesting next door. But the fact the house had no reliable supply of water (and 6 inches of dust everywhere) should probably be taken into consideration too I guess. Other places were much nicer, but several were up long dusty tracks (and we're not talking a little bit of dust here - the full ankle-deep treatment that created clouds) that will no doubt be mud slides as soon as the rain begins. At one point we were completely enveloped in a dust cloud with toal coverage of front and back windscreens!

Meanwhile Mama and the littlies were having lots of fun at a gym with a kiddies paddling pool and, apparently, great playground. But we swapped this afternoon and I got to play whilst Mama did the dusty trecks. And then we all enjoyed the thunderstorm ("dunder, more dunda" from the Mancub) this evening, at least until the impressive quantity of rain resulted in a power cut again and we were left to bath by candle light. So no more useful houses, but a few more leads and some useful advice about things from elsewhere too. We may be about to decide against living out west in the area we had been thinking of. We shall see... Tomorrow at least will be a day off house-hunting whilst we hopefully sample a local church and see what the afternoon holds.

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