Saturday, 24 April 2010

More Elephants please

Well, internet is back on at home...just... it seems to stay on, veeeery slowly, when Mr B, Granny or Grandad are using the laptop and then mysteriously die when I get near. So far so good this morning though.

Granny and Grandad are still here and looking set to be here another 8 days probably. Grandad is getting twitchy and starting to pace the cage house, and our modest book collection is rather lacking in suitable science fiction, so we have decided on another safari! (if in doubt, go on safari, or so the old saying goes....) We are off to Kambi ya Tembo, about 2.5 hours west of here, in West Kili. Apparently they have some of the biggest bull elephants around with enormous tusks. We'll only be 1.5 hours from the airport, just in case a last minute cancellation comes up. We're off in an hour or so and back Monday afternoon.

Apologies to all those whom we are keeping Granny and Grandad from.... sorry Tia. It's a great bonus for us though, and I'm sure Granny is thrilled to have been here for  these early days of potty training... Grandad has managed to avoid most of that, and hid himself in the bedroom yesterday when a group of mums and tots arrived for Music Makers, but has been busy reading stories and playing hide and seek. Yesterday we headed out for a walk to explore the local paths through the shambas and managed to lose them both for 20 minutes or so.... they found their way back home though - there's nothing like a combined 100 years of guiding and scouting to help you out of a tight spot.

And last night, Mr B and I left them in charge of dinner, bath and bedtime and headed out for a fantastic "Evening of Sacred Music" put on by the current 15 students at the Music Department of nearby Makumira University. 'Sacred Music' included a 5 member drum team performing a traditional call to worship, traditional dances with new themes/lyrics and a range of world music from French sonatas for Cello, Recorder and Piano to gospel choruses and close harmony. Absolutely wonderful. And then an indian meal for two to complete the evening.

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