Thursday, 8 April 2010


Today the Mancub and Kitty enjoyed some belated Christmas presents, hand-delivered by Granny and Grandad, originating from Uncle G and Auntie Y. Thank you! They are being much enjoyed!

Meanwhile, torrential rain continues. Friends who went camping in the Masai steppe are currently trying to arrange to be airlifted out after 8 hours of continual downpour washed all the roads away. We opted for some inside activities, including a visit to Cultural Heritage and the Masai Gallery here in Arusha. Granny bought a fantastic fuschia outfit and Grandad, the Mancub and I spent a frustratingly long time trying to pay for pre-booked accomodation for our next safari. Mr B spent the day at home trying to sort his immigration issues... maybe tomorrow holds more promise.

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