Friday, 16 April 2010

Happy Birthday Mancub

Well, the Mancub's birthday was yesterday, extending into today, and, for a wonderful finale, ending with Granny and Grandad returning from the airport to spend another (or many more??) nights with us.

It started yesterday morning as we left Sopa lodge on the rim of Ngorongoro crater.

Kitty presented him with her birthday card and we sang Happy Birthday....and then we packed and left on the car journey home. He enjoyed helping with the luggage.

And then we drove......after a while he asked quizzically "where Mancub birthday gone?" and we all felt a little guilty and promised that there would be more birthday later and even Happy Cake tomorrow...

So when we got home some more birthday had to be found... and guess what? It was hiding in an orange bag all along! The Mancub peered in and his face lit up "Mancub birthday!"

The birthday included a new Thomas the Tank Engine DVD...
and a wibbly wobbly pull-along crocodile
and some snap cards featuring 8 different sorts of trucks, tractors and diggers. Auntie T had sent an excellent tractor book, and Uncle G and Auntie Y another different and equally excellent tractor book! All in all an excellent haul and all of them inspected and played with immediately and with great concentration.

This morning the birthday continued, firstly with presents and a card from Mama and Daddy, and more from friends R and P.
and later with friends, balloons and Happy Cake! Complete with two candles and a flame-thrower indoor firework, as requested.

Happy Birthday Mancub! And welcome back Granny and Grandad!

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  1. Enjoy your extended holiday, Grannie and Grandad. We're stuck in Italy after a (planned) week in Florence. No way back to UK by train or boat or plane. Now decamped to Hotel du Lac, Belaggio,Lake Como to await opening of airports and possibility of flight. Be reassured that little is moving in Europe, and at least we're all not sleeping in airports!. J and D