Monday, 26 April 2010

Bye bye Granny and Grandad

Just back from a 2 night safari to Kambi ya Tembo, West Kili, where we were the only group in the camp hence received fantastic service! While we were there we had to finally say goodbye to Granny and Grandad, who managed to get on a flight back home at the eleventh hour, so last night it was the four of us with six staff waiting on our every need.
The Mancub enjoying the welcome drink and peanuts

The verandah of our tent with Kili in the background

Mount Meru - a different angle to our normal view
Mama climbing the hill with Matio, our friendly Masaai guide, to scan for elephants
And here's a better shot of Matio, helping Kitty to stand with one foot in Kenya and the other in Tanzania
Bye bye Granny and Grandad - taking our leave before they head off to the airport to fly home.
Dung beetle busily manouvering his ball of dung
Finding tickling sticks on a short walking safari
And the best thing about the lodge? Lots of gravel to play with!

And while I'm in photo mania mode, here are a few other shots from the last 3 weeks...

Nile Monitor by Lake Duluti

Why did the zebra cross the road?
And the giraffes?
Or the babbons for that matter?
None quite as impressive as this creature...

who crossed the main road, just in front of our car, and about 100 metres from the chaps busy fixing the lorry in the top left corner...we did warn them and they jumped back in pretty sharpish. This is NOT in a National Park, but along the best road in Tanzania...
A beautiful coffee lodge in Karatu
with lovely gardens
 And coffee of course

Driving through the Ngorogoro Conservation Area, the wildflowers were beautiful too

Some Hartebeest at Ndutu
 and some smaller wildlife at the Ngorongoro gate

A trip to Mount Meru Game Lodge provided a closer look at some birds and animals, like this saddle-billed stork
and a hungry Eland
and a trip to Arusha National Park gave lovely views of Kilimarjaro

and various wildlife too, such as Sykes monkeys
Black and white Colubus
and White-fronted bee-eaters
Right, that will do for now. Hope we've whetted your appetite to come and visit?! Mr B has just added up our total number of bird species seen in the last 2 days - 126 but probably many more there that we missed. Goodnight for now.


  1. Thanks for all the photos - very impressive. B-folk heaven I'd say!! Kitty is very brave isn't she!

  2. Oh yes we'll be on the next flight!

  3. Do Debra! We'd love to have you!

    Yes Basia, Kitty LOVES holding anything living, the more legs the better. Mancub too. I don't think they realise yet why I'm so happy to let them hold them...instead of me.

  4. So, why DID those animals cross the road? Is there a paper in it?

    Spectacular photos, wonderful.