Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Chupis, pants, knickers, underwear... whatever you want to call them. That is what the Mancub is proudly sporting at the moment. In many different colours (often in quick succession at the moment....), favourites being bright green and yellow. Many colours, many puddles, quite a few successes and all household members, staff and visitors having to be shown chupis and listen to success stories.

Today Granny and Grandad have been informed that their flight (the one supposed to go last friday) has been rescheduled for 2 May..... apparently there is a vague possibility that they might go earlier if someone cancels.

So, they are making the most of their extended stay by spending the day in Arusha National Park with Mr B. If we ever get internet back on at home you may see some pictures! This connection in the cafe where I am now is far too slow for that and even sending and receiving emails is a challenge, so please bear with us if we don't get back to yours very promptly.

Oh, and I have signed Kitty up for "The Learning Space" next academic year. I went to visit on Monday and loved it. And she's very keen to just do mornings instead of the looooong days at the other schools.

p.s. no news on Mr B's immigratin issues. This time due to lawyers apparently not reading either their many texts or emails from us over the last 10 days and hence not doing anything.... terrific


  1. Good luck with the nappy training. I'm going to buy a DVD called 'The Potty Whisperer' and try the Asian method of starting early. Off to the Scottish baby show this weekend. Bought an amber teething necklace too as D is chewing everything in sight.

  2. Fun times. Think the parachute suggestion was workable (for returning parents when planes couldn't fly lower than 20,000 feet) but perhaps should be modified now to include cannon/ballistic missile thing to get them up high enough for starters?