Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Holidays

Kitty gets three weeks Easter holiday from school, of which we have just completed one. Tomorrow's great excitement, for which we have been counting the days for the last few weeks, is the arrival of Granny and Grandad!!

We have booked them in for an action packed schedule including two safaris, an Easter sunrise service up the hill (they are allowed to skip this one as it would involve them getting up at 5.30, which is 3.30 BST, the day after they get off an overnight flight...), an Easter pot-luck lunch, the Mancub's birthday celebrations and various other optional activities (the options not including showers or baths at home or clean laundry at the moment as the pump supplying water to our locality has been broken for the last 5 days....good thing it's the rainy season - we've been catching the run-off from the roof today to supplement supplies...)

Anyway, given the amount of excitement and car journeying over the the next fortnight, I thought we'd go for a quieter, home-based, time this week. We have visited neighbours, baked various goodies, read books, done all sorts of Easter crafts and played silly games, in between the Great Easter Egg Hunt, music makers, a Bible study and a trip to the local natural history and  anthropology museum (not one of Arusha's visitor highlights it has to be said) and a trip to a patisserie.

Here are some of the of the results of our endeavours...

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