Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jumping in Muddy Puddles

Hmmmm, can't think of much to report from the last few days... Mr B has suggested that I record the Mancub's successes and failures with the potty and present them here in an interesting graphic form, but I suspect he just needs to get out a bit more....

Rain...we've had a LOT of that. A fairly consistent pattern of rain in the night, rain most of the morning, a brighter afternoon and then rain again by bedtime. Which does of course create many many muddy puddles to jump in. What with puddles outside and puddles inside, the other thing that has been happening very regularly is laundry...

My goodness, what an exciting blog this is turning into.

My other excitement has been starting a new swahili course - that is, not actually going anywhere but studying with new materials left by friends who have moved away. It has given me new enthusiasm for learning (which had definitely started to wane) and is much more sensibly structured for someone actually living here and using the language than the very comprehensive but rather theoretical book I have been using. I have now finally learnt to say things I could have done with knowing in the first week or two, like "I come from the UK"  and "may I have tea please" as opposed to things I have been learning with my original book such as "The farmers meeting with be held on tuesday to discuss the new agricultural plan" or "I shall not raise salaries this month because the workers are all lazy"

Okay, I will stop now. If we don't blog again for a while it may be that our internet connection issues are still ongoing or it may be that I am valiantly restraining myself from boring you with more mundane details of our daily life.


  1. Boring? Noooo. More on the agricultural plans please. Wise decision on the multimedia potty training diary though.

    Not much to report here either. It rains occasionally. I made charcoal last weekend. We're seeing the Arnotts on Monday.

    Happy Friday.

  2. For someone with not much to report, your blog entries are as ever very readable! All credit to the writer...